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Building the Modern Financial OS For Operators

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Modern Borderless Banking²

Built for businesses with globally distributed teams, suppliers, or customers, Levro removes the complexities of managing currencies and payments. Receive, hold, and send more than 34 different currencies to 80+ countries from a single interface with Levro. Focus on your core business and let Levro handle the hassle of managing your finances.

Transparent Fees

Levro delivers modern banking with minimal monthly fees, no monthly account balance, and simple, transparent cost structure so customers don’t feel nickel and dimed.

Enterprise Level Controls

Levro is built for teams of internal and external accountants. Set permissions on a per user per account basis, and manage approvals across multiple teams.

Accredited & Secure

Levro works with leading financial institutions to deliver secure banking. The platform is built on solutions following security best practices including SOC2 (Unit) / ISO 27001 (CurrencyCloud). USD accounts are FDIC-insured, and multi-currency accounts are held by Tier 1 banking providers.

Your deposits qualify for up to $3,000,000 in FDIC insurance coverage when placed at program banks in the Thread Bank deposit sweep program. Your deposits at each program bank become eligible for FDIC insurance up to $250,000, inclusive of any other deposits you may already hold at the bank in the same ownership capacity. You can access the terms and conditions of the sweep program at and a list of program banks at Please contact [email protected] with questions regarding the sweep program.

Global Currency Management

Enterprise-level features, startup-level pricing

Manage your treasury operations without minimums, hidden fees, or costly delays. Levro allows you to convert between 34+ currencies so you can pay your team and vendors in their local currencies at the most competitive rates.

Ultra Low Fees

Levro provides bank beating exchange rates/service/technology and no payment fees when you convert and send vendors. There are no hidden fees with international wires, so you know exactly how much your recipients will get.

Trackable Payments

Get up-to-date alerts and notifications for your most important payments using Levro’s SWIFT tracking. Receive updates on the location, status, and exceptions for global payments

Currency Risk Management

Manage your balance sheet against currency fluctuations using a single bank account. Apply dollar-cost averaging principles to your large conversions to smooth out impacts by FX, or make larger conversions when the rates are near their 52-week lows.

Debit Cards

Cards built for the 2020s

Simplify your finances with an easy-to-use platform to track and manage across your organization. Issue physical and virtual cards to your employees with customizable limits, and protect your businesses from potential data breaches with virtual vendor cards. Instantly use our virtual cards online and in person via Apple Wallet and Google Pay.

Granular Spend Controls

Personalize spend controls on a per card basis, and create multiple cards for different purposes. Automate your account reconciliation with purpose-specific and vendor-specific virtual cards.

No Annual Fees. No Foreign Transaction Fees

Add employees, vendors, physical, and virtual cards without paying annual fees. Transact worldwide with no foreign transaction fees.

Secured by Visa³

Levro’s Visa Business Debit Cards are secured by Visa’s 3-D Secure protocol to minimize risks of fraud or unauthorized transactions.


Global Banking Simplified

Make complex multi-currency compliance fast and easy with Levro’s US-based accounts. Integrated with top accounting platforms and compliant with FBAR, Levro reduces time and effort spent on accounting so you can focus on growing your business.

Multi-currency Accounting

Export reports per currency and import all transactions into Quickbooks or Xero.

Global Currencies, Locally Held

Buy and hold 30+ currencies without worrying about FBAR compliance. Levro’s US-held multicurrrency accounts do not require FBAR. This means no additional FinCEN Form 114’s and no need to track average monthly balances.

Instant Verification

Connect your accounts to Levro using Plaid, no more waiting for verification deposits. Easily transfer funds across accounts without having to think about routing numbers or SWIFT codes.

Business Banking Personalized

Bespoke solutions for bespoke business needs

Business banking does not need to be one-size fits all.² Levro’s solutions engineering team takes the best of enterprise software and agile development to build for your specific needs.

Extensible Enterprise-Ready Customizations

Levro’s platform is built for enterprise-specific adaptation. From bulk payments, treasury operations, and custom automation, Levro accelerates the financial function end-to-end.

Strategic Planning & Support

Multi-currency treasury operations is a major challenge for businesses looking to build out global teams or suppliers. Levro offers planning workshops to clients to help make that process easier.

White Glove Transition & Migration

Levro makes the transition simple with a comprehensive, phased transition plan and a dedicated onboarding team to customize to your specific business needs.

International Banking Made Easy
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