June 14, 2023

New and Improved Experience

When you log in to Levro today, you might notice it looks a little different. Over the past several months, we've expanded the footprint of our product which inevitably outgrew the previous user experience. So, while our original design suited us in the past, we’ve reevaluated how to best deliver a seamless user experience now and as we continue to build and evolve Levro.

Updated Navigation

The biggest change you'll notice is the update to our navigation. Now, the most important information and actions to take our on the left-hand side.

  • We've moved the Pay, Transfer, and Convert buttons at the top to the main navigation under "Move Money" to account for different use cases and future features.
  • Activity has changed to Payments where you can now see all payment activity within one view.
  • We moved Statements to be under Accounts.
  • Recipients has changed to Contacts to account for the future as we roll out Invoices to everyone.
  • Transactions (Ledger) has moved to the top level so it's easily accessible.

A New Way to View Your Tasks

In addition to updating the navigation, we've now put any actions that are needed to be taken such as; payment approvals, payments to release, recipient approvals, and failed payments to the navigation so it's always available and visible when it's needed most.

Mobile Experience and Visual Appearance

Included in this release are updates to our mobile experience and our visual language across the app. This will be a focus of ours moving forward and will continue to improve that experience based on your feedback.

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