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Zensors uses Levro to pay contractors in India correctly and easily, every month.

Paying contractors in India was a painful process every month. Using Brex, Zensors would send wires overseas, but wires would get lost or get rejected. Even if the wire was successful, the currency exchange would be processed at the bank in India, so they would not know how many rupees would be deposited into the contractor’s account until the transfer was completed. They would need to ask the contractor to calculate the difference adjust the contractor’s payment the following month.

Then Zensors switched from Brex to Levro. With Levro, Zensors can convert USD to INR in their US account, and send INR through local payments rails. Faster payments, no more lost wires, and Zensors can pay their contractor the exact amount owed, every time.

I want to think as little about payroll and vendor payments as possible. With Levro Zensors can operate as a global startup without the stress of worrying about local payment frustrations.

Anuraag Jain, CEO of Zensors
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