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Varos uses Levro to reduce currency volatility and extend runway.

Varos raised funds in the US, and was converting their funds to their HQ overseas. With rates fluctuating against the USD, Varos would transfer just enough funding to cover operations on a monthly basis in an effort to minimize currency exposure.

Converting and transferring funds was a challenge. It was hard to find the right time to do conversion and involved a lot of guesswork.

“It sucks that some months my costs are 10% more because of currency volatility. I’m not in the business of figuring out when rates are best.“

Varos started using Levro to schedule automatic daily conversions and for monthly inter-company transfers, dollar-cost averaging his exchange rate and taking out the guesswork.

Levro takes currency exchange off my plate and frees up mindshare for real work. I love that I don’t have to think about currencies anymore.

Yarden Shaked, CEO of Varos
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