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Bounce uses Levro to pay contractors in different countries.

Bounce is a global business with teams and vendors around the world. With operations in 1000+ countries, manual vendor and payroll payouts took hours each week.

“I’m always looking for a way to simplify payments. I have been using Levro as much as possible for contractor payments and I’ve found it so easy to use! Our previous bank made it difficult and the fees were pretty expensive, but I love how easy it is with Levro - it’s much cheaper and just better.”
- Matthew @ Operations Team, Bounce

Bounce uses Levro’s multicurrency account to hold multiple currencies and pay global contractors from one place. Bounce can pay employees, services providers, and storage facilities around the world without high international wire fees and foreign exchange markups. Using Levro’s payment integrations in each country. Bounce can run their global luggage storage network with the convenience of local banking!

We make regular monthly payments to many countries around the world. Before Levro, international payments were expensive and slow. Levro allows us to schedule payments of different currencies with just a few clicks, and they guarantee the lowest exchange rates so we don’t have to worry about fees. It’s simplified our global payment operations.

Cody, CEO / Founder
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